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India Breast Cancer Charity

Breast cancer in India approximately 130 thousand cases of breast cancer have been recorded in India in 2014 alone. Whilst breast cancer was previously seen as an illness affecting older women, a study conducted by showed that nearly 48 % of breast cancer cases recorded in India today affect women under
the age of 50 compared to 25 years ago where the figures told a very different story. Medical experts put this down to the increased awareness of breast cancer in the country and also an increase in the number of cases. In assessing the ratio difference between breast cancer in both urban and rural areas of India, experts state, there is very little difference by way of the number of cases recorded accept among rural areas cancer is often detected later having devastating consequences. India Breast Cancer Charity

Breast Cancer Support, through the diverse range of services we offer internationally are in urgent need of your help to ensure Indian women living in rural areas and other women like them around the world are not forgotten in this global awareness campaign for breast cancer. In October next year which is International Breast Cancer month, Breast Cancer Support wishes to tell you about a reduction in the number of women becoming terminally ill and subsequently losing their lives because of this terrible illness. 25 years ago, 54 thousand breast cancer cases were recorded in India, with your support we can help to create an environment where women feel the confidence to come forward, where breast cancer can be treated in it’s early stages and where patients can still live their lives through being given the support they need to win their battle against the cancer. India Breast Cancer Charity

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer it is a very traumatic experience. You seldom know what to do, what to expect and what signs to look out for to indicate an improvement or deteriation in health. Breast Cancer Support is here for you, your family, friends and loved ones to give you all the care, advice and as our name suggests support you need to get through this battle. India Breast Cancer Charity

What is Breast Cancer?
Put simply, breast cancer describes the uncontrollable growth of cells in the breast. Before we are able to understand the specifics of breast cancer, it is useful to know about cancer in general. The cells in our bodies have with in their nucleus genes. These genes control the normal orderly way new healthy cells are created when the old cells die out. However, it is when mutations occur in this process the changed cells can begin dividing with out control and cause a

There are 2 types of tumor. Benign and malignant. Benign tumors are considered as non-dangerous and visibly appear similar to normal cells, they grow slowly, do not invade neighbouring tissue or cells. However, malignant tumors have the potential to become harmful in future. It is these malignant tumors that need to be treated, identified at the earliest stage possible and dealt with accordingly by an expert.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor. It originates often with in the cells located in the lobules which are the milk-producing glands of the breast. However, they can also originate from the ducts which is the passage way between the lobules in the nipples where the milk is drained. In other comparatively rair cases cancerous cells have also been found to originate in the stromal tissue which include the fatty and fibrous tissues of the breast.

Breast cancer is always caused by a genetic abnormality: “mistake,” in the breast tissue. The breast cancer begins as a tumor that can spread in to the underarms and then in to the lymph nodes which are responsible for getting rid of foreign cells in the body. Once the cancerous cells reach the lymph nodes this is where the cancer could spread to other parts of the body. Whilst genetic abnormalities are the causes of breast cancer, it is important to note only 5-10% of breast cancer cases are due to hereditary reasons i.e. passed on from your Mother and Father. 85-90 % of cases are due to the general: “wear and tear of life.”

You must always remember breast cancer is no one’s fault and whilst eating a balanced diet, regular exercise, not smoking, limiting alcohol can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer, they do not by any means make any of us immune from it. Breast Cancer Support is here for you to give you all the information you need, guidance to access the medical and support services you require.

India Breast Cancer Charity
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