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Anneke Geeraerts – Breast Cancer Experience

Anneke Geeraerts – Breast Cancer Experience

15th of February, 2016 Anneke Geeraerts – Breast Cancer Experience

25 years old, breastcancer… I couldn’t believe it. I had just quit my job to begin a new adventure; ten months of living in France with my boyfriend, to then return to Belgium, and think of starting a family. This new and exciting start was cut short two weeks after it began, to give way to a difficult period that would change everything. Anneke Geeraerts – Breast Cancer Experience 

But now, twenty weeks later, I can finally say that my fourteenth and last chemo therapy session is over. On top of that, I will be turning 26 tomorrow. Every reason to celebrate! Anneke Geeraerts – Breast Cancer Experience 

The past five months have been difficult; full of sorrow, fear, and disbelief. Fortunately, I wasn’t without the support of many – Family, friends and acquaintances. They made it that in these hard and difficult times, there were still moments of love, friendship and hope. I’d like to thank them, sincerely, for everything they have done for me. Without them, I would not have come through this as well as I have. Anneke Geeraerts – Breast Cancer Experience 

Although I stayed strong towards the outside world, I was filled with sadness… How does this happen? How do I get through this? Losing my hair, especially, was heartbreaking to me. From that moment on, the illness is always there. I learned to avoid mirrors, of weeping bitterly in front of them. Through ups and downs, I went on, hugely helped by the support of my boyfriend. He is there for me, every day, and tells me again and again how beautiful he thinks I am, holding me with such love, that I feel so fortunate to have him with me.

I am now ready for the next phases – surgery and radiotherapy – and my hope for a cure grows every day. So do my smile, and my hair.

I had the misfortune to develop cancer, but I was lucky enough for it to be caught quickly. For every sickness there should be a cure. Let us all support the scientific progress that can make it so, and hope that everyone can be fortunate enough to be cured. To everyone who suffers from a serious illness, I wish all the strength, and all the love, they will ever need.

Anneke Geeraerts Breast Cancer Story

Anneke Geeraerts Breast Cancer Story