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Breast Cancer a Serious Issue

Breast Cancer a Serious Issue

Breast Cancer is known as a malignant tumour and which means that it is a collection of cancer cells which arise from the cells of the breast or we can say that after the tumour begins then cells grow in an abnormal manner and then spread to different parts of the human body, and then you can easily understand on which stage of cancer is your body on. Though breast cancer mostly arises in women, it can also affect men. However our focus will be on the impact that it has on women. Now if we talk about men and breast cancer, breast cancer is quite rare in men and approximately around 2400 new cases were diagnosed per year in the United States of America however that being said typically it has a significantly worse outcome and this is partially related to the often late diagnosis of male breast cancer this means that people get to know about it when the cancer has already spread throughout the body.

The symptoms are somewhat similar to what women have when they have breast cancer, with the most common symptom being a lump or change in skin of the breast tissue or nipple discharge, although it can occur at any age in men or women, male breast cancer mainly or usually occurs in men over 60 years of age.  Now as we have spoken breast cancer care in UK is quite necessary for women to do and so let’s now look at the different types of breast cancer and where does breast cancer come from or how it happens.  There are many types of breast cancer, some are more common than the others and there are also combinations of cancers like some of the most common types of cancers include the ductal cancer in situ which is the most common type of non-invasive cancer and this type of cancer has not spread and therefore usually has a high cure rate.

Invasive ductal carcinoma is the cancer which starts in a duct of the breast and then grows into the surrounding tissue, it is most common form of breast cancer, about 80 percent of invasive breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinoma and the invasive lobular carcinoma is when the cancer starts in the glands of the breast that produces milk approximately 10 percent of invasive cancers are invasive lobular carcinoma. The remaining include mucinous carcinoma which are formed from mucus producing cancer cells and mixed tumours containing a variety of cells types.

Moreover, there is the inflammatory breast cancer which is the cancer that makes the skin of the breast appear red and feel quite warm, giving it the appearance of an infection like feeling. These changes happen due to the blockage of lymph vessels by the cancer cells. Others include the triple negative breast cancer which is invasive cancer subtype with cells that lack estrogenic, disease in the nipple when the cancer starts at the ducts then the adenoid cystic carcinoma and the lobular carcinoma, which tend to spread aggressively and have a good prognosis.