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Cancer Causing Sadness and Depression

Cancer Causing Sadness and Depression

Many people after getting to know or after getting the diagnosis of having cancer may feel sad and come in a state of depression. They feel a sense of loss of their health and have this constant sword hanging over their head about how many days or months do they have until they could possibly have to say good bye to the world that the live in today. We can say that they feel a sense of loss of the life they had before they learned that they had this severe life taking disease.

Even after getting treatment and going through the whole process of getting back to normal after treatment may be that treatment may have been surgically removing the tumor, radiology surgery, chemotherapy or other medication the cancer patient may still feel sad and not normal, this feeling however is quite normal it’s a normal response to any serious illness, it may take some time to work through and accept all things as life changes and whatever is taking place in this world.

After going through treatment, or if you are in treatment or even before treatment in all three conditions one might feel sad as you may have less energy it is believed that one of the signs that you have cancer is a lot of fatigue and less energy that one becomes having. While being sad one is sad, there is this feeling of tiredness, and your appetite may have gone away.

The painful feelings may not go away or get any better for those who will also get affected due to your illness. This maybe a medical condition known as depression, being sad is normal one might be sad because of different issues in life and the ups and downs expected of off it however being in a state of depression is different and for some cancer treatment may add to this problem by changing the way the brain works. Why not consult someone and get help for depression, there are many ways to treat depression even while having cancer.

The major ways to detect whether you are in a state of depression or not can be known to two major ways or signs, why not consult your doctor about treatment and be aware of some of the symptoms that could be due to the physical pain you will feel due to the extensive cancer treatment that you will go through.

Emotional signs include feelings of sadness that might not go away, feeling emotionally numb, having this sense of guilt and helpless or hopeless feelings, short tempered, having quite a hard time concentrating, crying for long period of times, losing interest in hobbies and activities which once meant a lot to you, just trying to somehow pass the time or the day without doing much, time goes by swiftly without you realizing it,  finding it hard to enjoy everyday regular things, thinking about hurting yourself mentally and physically and thoughts even extreme like of suicide.

Body changes may include unintended weight gain or even loss not due to illness or treatment but due to sleep problems such as not being able to sleep, having nightmares or even sleeping too much and not being able to concentrate at all for all the regular daily affairs.

After continuous research it’s gotten to know that the most common type of cancer found in women is breast cancer this is why there is more importance given to treatment related to breast cancer care and treatment and how to eradicate this disease once and for all.  Furthermore, racing heartbeats, dry mouth, increased perspiration, upset stomach and diarrhea are some of the body changed that may transpire. There might be a change in energy levels, m fatigue that doesn’t go away, headaches and other body aches. If your doctor thinks that you suffer from depression he or she may give you medicine to help you feel less tense and may refer to you many other experts. Receiving the assist you need is significant for your existence and your fitness.

If you feel guilty that why such a thing happened to you and why many people with cancer feel this way you may blame yourself for upsetting the people you may love but please do not worry that you have now become a burden somehow this isn’t your fault you have now been diagnosed with a disease which most of the people in the world get due to the lifestyle we live in eating processed foods, working sitting late on desks, not exercising or doing any physically activity is the reason and maybe pure genetics. These feelings are all very common. It may help you to share them with someone. Let your doctor know if you would like to talk with a counselor or go to a support group.