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Cassia Regional Hospital moves to 3D mammography, a more comfortable imaging system for breast cancer screening

BURLEY — Cassia Regional Hospital will soon shift to a 3D mammography imaging system that’s more comfortable for patients and provides better quality images for radiologists.

Company representatives brought a model of the new Hologic Genius 3D Mammography system to demo it to hospital staff on Thursday.

“I’m really excited for the diagnostic possibilities and for the comfort,” said Jill Fleming, a human resource assistant at the hospital.

Fleming was treated with radiation for breast cancer. It left her breast tissue sensitive to pain, and she dreaded screening tests with 2D technology.

“This is state-of-the-art technology,” said nursing administrator Michele Pond-Bell. “This is the highest level of imaging available.”

Hologic Mammography Specialist Diana Moore said the new technology increases the cancer detection rate up to 65 percent for women with dense breasts and helps detect cancers up to 15 months earlier than old technology.

Hologic Account Manager Shannon McCarrel said with 2D imaging the machine compresses the breast tissue on top of itself and the 3D imaging is more like an open book with pages of information.

The procedure is more comfortable and stabilizes the tissue rather than compressing it.


Image slices

The system provides 15 pictures or image slices per minute with a radiation dose similar to 2D machines.

“You can actually see the skin pores,” McCarrel said.

The stabilizing portion of the machine is curved for greater comfort.

“This hospital will be one of the first in the country to get the Smart Curve Stabilization System,” McCarrel said.

CRH Imaging Technologist Lindsay Smith allowed a mock test to be performed on her using 25 pounds of pressure, the amount which would be used during a real test.

“Did that hurt me? no.” Smith said. “Does a regular mammogram hurt me? Very much so. I’m one of those patients who find it painful. I think the patients with really dense breast tissue will be really grateful.”

Moore said the new system will reduce the number of patients who are called back after an indeterminate test.

“The callbacks now will be cancer,” she said.

Medicare and Medicaid along with most major insurances will cover the tests. Patients should check with their insurance provider.

The hospital staff will undergo training on the new system this month.

“We are really excited to be able to bring this latest technology to our family and friends,” said hospital spokeswoman Stephanie Curtis.

McCarrel said Idaho ranks 50th in the country for mammogram compliance.

“There will be no reason for people in the area not to come in for a mammogram now,” she said.

Source:  https://magicvalley.com/news/local/mini-cassia/cassia-regional-hospital-moves-to-d-mammography-a-more-comfortable/article_00328e88-98fb-560a-a50e-d833cf6ac936.html