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Breast Cancer  Support –


previous record of breast cancer

A female who has had breast cancer has an improved chance of having cancers in the other breast.

Family history

If numerous participants of an affected person’s family have had specific kinds of cancer,  patient may have an expanded risk of growing breast cancer.

Genetic causes

Family history has extensively been recognized to be a threat thing for most breast cancers. Both maternal and paternal family are important. The risk is maximum if the affected relative got breast cancer at a young age, had cancer in each breasts, or if she is a near relative. First-degree relatives, that being mother, sister or daughter are the most significant at risk estimation.

However, many second-degree relatives like grandmother or aunt with known breast cancer can also increase the risk. Breast cancer in a male increases the hazard for all his female relatives.

BRCA1and BRCA2 are abnormal genes which if inherited, noticeably increase the jeopardy of breast cancer to a generation. The risk is estimated between 40-80%. Women with the inherited gene BRCA1 gene have a greater tendency to develop breast cancer at a young stage.

Hormonal causes

Breast cancer can also be precipitated by alteration in hormonal levels.  This could be denoted by disturbed menstrual Cycle or at the commence of menses or at menopause. Getting pregnant at a very early age, therapies inducing hormonal changes, use of oral pills etc.

Life style and dietary cause

Breast cancer can also be caused in older women with sedentary life styles and high dietary intake of fat obesity especially after the menopause. Prolonged use of alcohol is yet another cause of increased breast cancer. The risk upsurges with the quantity of alcohol consumed. Women who drink 2-5 beverages per day have a risk about 1.5 that of nondrinkers for the progress of breast cancer.

Environmental cause

Environmental hazards are known to be an added factor for breast cancer. Women who work with low doses of radiation like X rays over a long period of time are at a higher risk of breast cancer than compared with those working in healthier environments.