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Breast Cancer  Support –

Coping with Cancer Disease

Coping with Cancer Disease

You may have just gotten the news of having cancer or you may be going through severe treatment for a kind of cancer and in a stage of cancer or have someone whose going through it a friend or a family member, so you may be aware and know fully that having cancer will change and affect your life and the lives of those in your life. The side effects and symptoms of the disease and then its treatment, painful treatment may cause you certain physical pain and then create changes in your body that can affect how you feel and act, so crux of the matter being it will change how you live.

Dealing with cancer, in a way means dealing with side effects and life changing treatments that can be hard on you emotionally and physically, just as cancer would affect your physical health it can also change your feelings and create depression and anxiety due to pain and sufferings. You may go through a series of emotions and which may change daily, hourly or every few minutes throughout the day. This is true whether you are currently in treatment or even have gone through treatment, but rest assured these feelings are natural and normal.

We see that a lot of research takes place in the world today as the risk of cancer increases due to our lifestyle and the way we consumer processed foods and do less physical exercise, more and more research takes place to fight this life taking disease with the aim to create and use treatments which can eradicate this menace once and for all from the body without the fright of it returning again, so studies show us that a lot of women go through breast cancer which was found out in a recent Cancer Research In the UK, which explains that the most common cancer in women is breast cancer which now can be detected though self-examinations as well as regular doctor checkups.

Often the values one grow with can affect how you would think and deal with such a news that you have been diagnosed with cancer for example we see that some people would feel they have to be strong and protect their friends and family members, they seek support and turn to their loved ones or other cancer survivors for guidance, help or motivation whatever you call it, they ask for help from professionals such as counselors and might even turn to faith and religion for help them coupe with such a life changing news.

A person who learns he or she has cancer may feel that life is out of control this would be because they might feel whether they are going to live or not, normal routine is disrupted by treatment session and doctor visits, people may use medical terms that one might not understand such complex jargons and this feeling of enjoyment of the little or for that matter big things in life goes away, you spend each second with the fright of losing your life and your loved ones around you. This feeling of helplessness and loneliness eats away your soul, killing you gently each day.

Even if you feel like life is out of control there are many ways through which you can take charge and make change sin your life, like why not try to leant as much as you can about your cancer such as what stage of cancer it is, why not ask your doctor or physician and sometimes team of dcotros who are working on your case about the treatment, the type of cancer as its good to know as much as possible about your disease. Why be afraid this is the time to act, to not react but to take charge to take control to fight in order to live for tomorrow and grab that light at the end of the tunnel or die trying to get it for a better life tomorrow. Likewise, many people feel better if they stay busy and you could stay busy by taking part in activities such as music, crafts, reading, or learning something new.
When you would have been diagnosed with cancer for the first time you might have had trouble believing or accepting the fact that you have this issue, that my friend is known as denial, it can never be helpful, denial is your worst enemy as it doesn’t let you work and finish and let your mind agree to the reality, the key issue is getting to terms with the disease and then fighting it with your head up high without any remorse, or issue. Sometimes, denial is a serious problem. If it lasts too long, it can keep you from getting the treatment you need.