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Stages of Breast Cancer

At the point when cancer is analysed, a phase is appointed to it, in view of how advanced it is #. The stage enables specialists to decide the most appropriate treatment and the conjecture. Phases of breast cancer might be portrayed by not intrusive or obtrusive. Stages might be portrayed in detail and assigned by a number (0 through IV).

Another simplified description of a staging system for breast cancer is as follows:

There are three main stages of breast cancer:

Early stage, which refers to cancer that is limited to the fatty tissue of the breast.

Locally advanced, which has extended to core tissue of the chest wall.

Advanced or metastatic, where the tumour has spread to other parts of the body. Roughly one third of breast cancer cases are detected after the cancer has spread beyond the primary tumour site (metastasised)

Source: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence