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Visualizing membrane nanotubes

In one study of human cancer cells, live cell light sheet microscopy was used to visualize membrane nanotubes. These structures provide a means of communication between cells using soluble messengers such as in endocrine, paracrine, or exosome signaling.

These nanotubes have also been investigated for a possible role in cancer disease progression and resistance to therapies. However, lack of a marker or imaging methodology has prevented these structures from being studied in intact live tissues.

The researchers used LLSM to create a very thin sheet of light, and step it through the specimen rapidly to acquire a three-dimensional image. They used a human breast cancer cell line expressing a bright fluorescent genetically encoded GFP membrane marker.

The results showed that the cells form multiple nanotubes in culture to propagate Ca2+ signals between cells and traffic GFP tagged membrane aggregates.


Source : https://www.news-medical.net/life-sciences/Live-cell-Lattice-Light-sheet-Microscopy-(LLSM)-Applications.aspx