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Breast Cancer  Support –

Which Breast Cancer Charity Should You Support?

People have many reasons for deciding to support a breast cancer charity. Often, it comes as a result of being directly affected by breast cancer, either by personally battling the disease, or knowing a friend or relative who has dealt with it. Others may want to simply help those less fortunate than themselves. Whatever your reason, with so many charities in existence, choosing the right one to support can sometimes feel like a daunting or confusing decision. This guide will help you weigh up the key considerations, and also give you some more ideas of ways you can support your chosen charity.

Donate today to support us in raising awareness, providing treatment, and caring for those in poverty stricken countries.

Breast Cancer Charities: UK versus Worldwide Activities

There are over 400 cancer charities in the UK and thousands more worldwide, with many of them specialising in areas such as breast cancer. Each charity has a different mission and programs to achieve that mission. The majority of breast cancer charities in the UK work specifically with UK based patients. Breast Cancer Support is the first UK charity to provide breast cancer treatment and support to people in poverty stricken countries. Considering what sort of mission and goals you want to support, and where you want your donations to make a difference, will help guide your decision.

The Best Breast Cancer Charities to Support

With so many to choose from, it is natural to ask the question ‘which are the best breast cancer charities to support’. You want to make sure that your donations or fundraising monies end up in the right hands in order for that money to do the most good. When it comes to defining the best breast cancer charity however, there is no straight forward answer. You could create a rank based on donations raised, but that would ignore many more important factors that go into making a high quality charity. When considering which breast cancer charity to support, you should also take account of:

  • The ratio of fund allocation – You want to know that a high proportion of the money you donate is being used to further the aims of that particular charity. That said, it is not realistic to expect a charity to spend all of its funds on programs and services; for a charity to be sustainable, a proportion of the money has to go into administration and raising further funds. It is agreed by experts that a healthy charity should spend between 75% – 85% of its funds on programs and services.
  • A solid alignment between its mission and activities – the hallmark of a good charity is a well defined mission that guides every activity undertaken by the organisation. They will be able to tell you the specifics of what they do to fulfil their mission. You can see the programs currently being run by Breast Cancer Support here.
  • Results – Not all charities have multimillion pound budgets and so results cannot be compared in absolute terms. Instead, look at whether a charity is achieving results against its stated aims, and whether those results seem in line with the size and budget of the organisation.


Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Fundraising Ideas

If you want to support a breast cancer awareness charity but can’t afford a to make personal donation, or simply want to donate a larger amount, fundraising is a good option and can be easier than you might think. There are many ways to raise money that do not take a lot of organising or time. Here are some ideas:


Hold a Bake Sale

Bake sales are a really popular and simple way to raise money for charity. The best place to hold one is where you have access to a large amount of people, for example at work. If you don’t want to bake everything yourself, you can ask friends, family or colleagues to bake something and bring it along. You can have a pink theme or just bake your favourite items. A fun idea is use a heart shaped cookie cutter to bake biscuits, then turn them upside down and ice a bra design on the bottom of the heart.


Afternoon Tea Party

Gather your friends or colleagues, buy or make a selection of cakes, and host a pink themed afternoon tea party. People pay a donation for coming along and you could also incorporate other ways to fundraise such as an afternoon tea themed quiz. You could make it fun and ask people to dress up in their finest clothes or to wear pink.


Head Shave

If you’re feeling brave, or know someone who might volunteer, doing a sponsored head shave is a surefire way to capture everyone’s attention and is so simple to organise. All you need to do is set a date then try to raise as much publicity as possible. Social media is an effective way of reaching a lot of people and you can ask your friends and family to share your posts. When it comes to the big day, try to hold the head shave somewhere public, this will give you a good chance of getting more last minute donations.


Corporate Matching

If you hold any of your fundraising events at work, it may be worth asking about corporate matching. This is where your company matches whatever you raise, and is a really quick way of boosting your fundraising efforts.


You Can Also Support Your Breast Cancer Charity by Volunteering

Another great way to support your chosen breast cancer charity is by volunteering. Most charities will have a way that you can get directly involved and will be only too happy to have you on board. On limited budgets, the efforts of volunteers can make all the difference in whether a charity succeeds in achieving its mission.

Donate or fundraise for us today and improve breast cancer treatment and support for people in poverty stricken coutnries.