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Breast Cancer Makeover

At Breast Cancer Support, we act as a trusted friend and a pillar of hope for all of those women affected by breast cancer, their families, friends and loved ones. Breast Cancer Support works to bring about a world in which charities like ours need not exist looking forward to that day an eventual cure to this tragic illness is found. However, until then, Breast Cancer Support is here to comfort, reassure and provide as much help as possible.

Breast Cancer Makeover

Breast cancer treatment can often cause problems such as hair loss, brittle nails and scars. These all take their toll on a woman both physically and mentally. Research shows, such side effects of treatment can have disproportionate impact on a woman’s self-esteem, ability to go about her day-to-day business, socialising with friends and spending time with family are all things you are reluctant to do when experiencing the side effects of your breast cancer treatment. Breast Cancer Makeover

However, at Breast Cancer Support, we strongly believe, beating cancer is not something a woman should be forced to face on her own and nor is it something that should have the ability to destroy your dreams, change your personality or to affect your unique characteristics your friends and family love about you. Breast Cancer Makeover

In light of this, Breast Cancer Support presents: “Your Beauty, Your Future.” This is a FREE beauty makeover campaign to help restore the confidence of beautiful women worldwide affected by breast cancer. The truth is, a woman’s beauty is never diminished by an illness but her mental state of mind, the difficult ordeal she goes through every time she enters that hospital or operating theatre makes her feel less about herself.

We are here to show the real her at a time when that person seems so far away. The beauty make-over and other simple but necessary services Breast Cancer Support provide will help victims of breast cancer to try and gain a sense of control and normality at a time when diagnosis and treatment have taken over their lives. Our wide-range of free services put women back in to the driving seat where they can regain control of their dreams, their destiny and their future! Breast Cancer Makeover

Breast Cancer is indiscriminate in who it targets. Today it maybe her, tomorrow it could be you, your daughter, wife, partner, Mother or someone you love.

A small simple donation can put smiles on the faces of those women who are battling with breast cancer right now. Yesterday they were leading normal lives, hard-working Mothers providing for their children, the lady you passed in the supermarket during your weekly shop, the lady that served you at the post office or perhaps the lady you spoke to at the bank yesterday morning who greeted you with a smile.

Today, it was that life-defining trip to the Doctors which has changed their lives forever. With your help, Breast Cancer Support will ensure the pleasant memories of yesterday can become the beautiful reality for tomorrow. Breast cancer may change your life but with our support you will never let it define or dictate it!

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