Free memo scans for 3 months

Breast Cancer Support has made endless endeavours to help individuals in the fight of Breast Cancer. Amongst such efforts is a collaboration with a local organisation in Rawalpindi Pakistan, where no one day is fixed to provide free medical scan to individuals. Temar Diagnostics and Pharmacies is conducting free memo scan for any walk-in individual wishing to work towards early detection of Breast Cancer.

This effort ensures that no one day is allocated for free scans but is available to anyone at anytime of their ease. This effort of Breast Cancer Support is to facilitate the local population and make the culture of early detection of breast cancer common.

Breast Cancer Support strongly believes in promoting early detection culture which is a very important weapon in fighting breast cancer. Early detection can save many lives from the unwanted trauma that strikes when cancer is not detected at the early stage and not only becomes difficult to treat the malignancy but also causes the patient unwarranted pain and health issues.

Social Awareness Camp at a local school in Morocco

Breast Cancer Support organised a breast cancer awareness event in a high school in Morocco, where students were invited to discuss any life incidents that were related to Breast Cancer. A student talked about how she felt when her mother got breast cancer.

The endeavour was to promote a culture of awareness for breast cancer amongst the youth especially the females. Breast Cancer Support has been working rigorously to spread awareness about breast cancer across all ages, genders and races. We strongly believe that a culture of awareness and early detection can help save many lives.

Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture at a local university in South-East Asia

Breast Cancer Support UK organised a free awareness seminar at a local university in South-east Asia in the month of October. The efforts were to take a part in the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast Cancer Support aimed at imparting knowledge amongst the young generation. The seminar provided a platform to raise ambiguities related to the disease.

We invited various doctors to the seminar to impart technical knowledge to the students of the university. The session was warmly welcomed by the locals and positive feedback was received.

Breast Cancer Support believes in a more systematic diagnostic approach over a symptomatic treatment. Breast Cancer Support is making collective efforts to help decrease the prevalence and incidence of breast cancer. We are making efforts to providing awareness and medical facilitation at all levels worldwide.

Free treatment and counselling of breast cancer patients in Tanzania

Breast Cancer Support in collaboration with Tanzania Breast Cancer support is paying for treatment and counselling of breast cancer patients in Tanzania. The effort is to encourage hope and proactive health.

The project included visits from cancer survivors to random homes in order to give counselling. On hands information was imparted to the shy and reluctant women of the society. The aim of this effort was to promote a culture of openness in women. This will help to invoke a sense of self awareness amongst them,

In the picture below a cancer survivor Lucy is making a home visit to counsel a breast cancer patient. Her husband divorced her after the diagnosis of her breast cancer. Breast Cancer Support has taken an initiative to bring forth a culture of awareness and treatment in a society where such dilemmas exist. Lucy is currently undergoing twelve cycle chemo funded by Breast Cancer Support.

Tanzania Breast Cancer support for cancer survivors is working day and night. It is channelling our funds to help improve the life of those diagnosed with Breast cancer.

Sponsored Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast Cancer Support has been working around the globe to help the breast cancer patients who cannot afford medication or treatment. We can feel the pain of the family and the patient involved in this trauma. Breast Cancer Support has gone beyond its means to help those in need.

Below are a few of the many chemotherapy cases we have sponsored.

Breast Cancer Support believes that the financial burden of breast cancer care is substantial and can be overwhelming for any individual. For most, it is implicit that the treatment is beyond their means. Breast Cancer Support has made several collective efforts to help decrease the prevalence and incidence of breast cancer by providing awareness and medical facilitation at institutional and community levels worldwide.

Free Dietary Supplements Distribution

During the month of Ramadan Breast Cancer Support in collaboration with Temar Diagnostics and Pharmacies Pakistan conducted a free dietary supplement distribution project. We distributed supplements like multi-vitamins, whey protein, fish oil capsules etc, sufficient for 3 months. The supplements were giving to various breast cancer patients undergoing treatments in Temar Diagnostics and other medical facilities in rural Punjab.  

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in women across the globe today. Over the years many radical treatments have improved the survival rate of breast cancer patients. However, these treatments often yield complications like anxiety, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, nausea, lymphedema, and dermatitis. These complicated side effects can lower the patients’ quality of life and impair their vitality.

Breast Cancer Support believes that dietary supplements namely vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, and herbs can complement the conventional cancer treatment . They lessen the side effects of this exhaustive treatment, help improve the quality of patient’s life, and reduce overall stress.

Breast Cancer Awareness Camp in Pakistan

Breast Cancer Support in collaboration with Shifa Foundation conducted a breast cancer awareness camp at a public place in Islamabad. The effort was to communicate a unanimous message of hope and proactive health. The event was also intended to honor and remember the victims of this disease.

Through visuals and decorated walkways Breast Cancer Support made an effort to raise the awareness. At the same time it aimed to reduce the stigma associated with this disease. In a third world country like Pakistan, it is very important to bring forth such activities so that women who are hid behind the barriers of culture and illiteracy can step forward and learn about themselves.

Breast cancer is a common cancer affecting women and men. However women victims form a greater portion. Many people don’t get particular and right answers that they are searching for so through such awareness campaigns basic help is brought to them.

The event targeted to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage early detection. The event had knowledge imparting sessions where professional speakers and doctors shone light on the area of discussion. The objectives were to break down barriers, spread comprehensive knowledge and save lives.

Breast Cancer Support believes that greater knowledge can lead to earlier detection at a treatable age of cancer. This will lead to long term survival rates