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Breast Cancer Support in collaboration with Shifa Foundation conducted a breast cancer awareness camp at a public place in Islamabad. The effort was to communicate a unanimous message of hope and proactive health. The event was also intended to honor and remember the victims of this disease.

Through visuals and decorated walkways Breast Cancer Support made an effort to raise the awareness. At the same time it aimed to reduce the stigma associated with this disease. In a third world country like Pakistan, it is very important to bring forth such activities so that women who are hid behind the barriers of culture and illiteracy can step forward and learn about themselves.


Breast cancer is a common cancer affecting women and men. However women victims form a greater portion. Many people don’t get particular and right answers that they are searching for so through such awareness campaigns basic help is brought to them.

The event targeted to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage early detection. The event had knowledge imparting sessions where professional speakers and doctors shone light on the area of discussion. The objectives were to break down barriers, spread comprehensive knowledge and save lives.

Breast Cancer Support believes that greater knowledge can lead to earlier detection at a treatable age of cancer. This will lead to long term survival rates








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