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Breast Cancer Counselling

Counselling can “double a woman’s chances of surviving breast cancer” according to a randomised controlled trial carried out by the Ohio State University.  The trial demonstrated that regular sessions with psychologists also cut the chances of the cancer returning, and affected the length of time it took for the disease to reoccur. Breast Cancer Counselling
The duration from diagnosis to recovery after treatment can be a particularly difficult time, often made worse by the feeling that support is no longer available, needed or your right.  Breast Cancer Counselling

From diagnosis, suddenly their life is taken over by a system (admittedly there to help them) but which works to its own rules and timetables. Their diary becomes filled with hospital appointments and clinic visits, often reaching well into the future if they are on a long course of chemotherapy.  Breast Cancer itself sometimes produces a strong sense of uncontrollability and if you add that to the surrendering of control to the healthcare system, it is hardly surprising that there is such a overwhelming feeling of being out of control. Breast Cancer Counselling

The treatment itself can produce other losses, such as loss of body parts – either permanent or temporary and a consequent change of body shape and sense of bodily integrity.  Loss of independence may also affect them as they become reliant on others to ferry them about to appointments or to get your shopping for them. This may also reflect a loss of position or status – their position in the family, as provider (financially, emotionally, practically) to their loved ones or their rôle at work may feel diminished by their new role as a ‘cancer patient” Breast Cancer Counselling

Breast Cancer may cause fear, anxiety and also anger due to the loss of control they have over their own body.  Coping with the side effects of the treatment such as tiredness and fatigue may put them under a great deal of stress. Breast Cancer can stir up many deeply personal issues such as consideration of their spirituality, sexuality and relationships.

Breast Cancer Support is aimed at rebuilding trust in their body, in themselves, in the healthcare system and in the social world.  Sometime talking through any of these issues and feelings with someone outside your friends and family may help as  their friends and family may be too close to the issues to see them clearly and objectively. A counsellor may help them to find different ways of coping that hadn’t occurred to them before. And because counselling is confidential, they can be honest about what is bothering them. Breast Cancer Counselling

Evidence suggests that counselling can help them to cope better with the many difficulties they face, during and after their breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. It can help reduce the stress they face and improve their quality of life.

We know from research that counselling can help some people overcome the depression and anxiety that breast cancer can cause. There’s also evidence that certain methods of counselling can help people deal with phobias about having breast cancer treatments. The phobias include things like fear of having injections or being confined to a small space during an MRI scan.

Breast Cancer units now have a counsellor or psychotherapist as part of their team.  Please give counsellor services to someone with breast cancer in a poverty stricken country it will make a difference in their recovery.

Breast Cancer Counselling

Breast Cancer Counselling



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