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Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal

First Dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital in Africa Appeal Every year approximately 80,000 women die from breast cancer in Africa. The researchers found that most breast cancer in African countries was already advanced-stage when diagnosed. Breast cancer that is more advanced at diagnosis is usually harder to treat and has worse outcomes than breast cancer that is early-stage at diagnosis. Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal  Great Ormond Street Hospital

Because these countries have limited resources, few women are screened for breast cancer with mammograms. The researchers said that making women aware of the importance of early detection would be a good way to find more breast cancers earlier, when they’re most treatable. Great Ormond Street 

Unfortunately lots of cultural and social taboos along with myths and misconceptions are associated with breast cancer contributing to high mortality rates as most of the women. Societal and cultural mores combined with poor access to rural healthcare for females limit the access to the information available on breast cancer and discourage both public and private discussion, advice, early discovery, and treatment among women. Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal

Great Ormond Street Hospital

“…Raising public awareness may be one of the most important factors,” said Farhad Islami Gomeshtapeh, M.D., Ph.D., an epidemiologist with the American Cancer Society who lead the study. “That approach has reduced the stage of breast cancer at diagnosis in low- and middle-income countries, where it is among the highest priority strategies for early detection of breast cancer. That said, in order to improve the outcome of breast cancer, access to appropriate diagnosis and treatment should also be improved.” Great Ormond Street Hospital  Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal

Good news is that breast cancer can be detected and cured at a very early stage! So it is important to focus on prevention and cure since the survival rate of breast cancer increases to more than 90% if diagnosed early.Breast Cancer is indiscriminate in who it targets. Today it maybe her, tomorrow it could be you, your daughter, wife, partner, Mother or someone you love.  Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal

A small simple donation can put smiles on the faces of those women who are battling with breast cancer right now. Yesterday they were leading normal lives, hard-working Mothers providing for their children, the lady you passed in the supermarket during your weekly shop, the lady that served you at the post office or perhaps the lady you spoke to at the bank yesterday morning who greeted you with a smile. Great Ormond Street Hospital

Today, it was that life-defining trip to the Doctors which has changed their lives forever. With your help, Breast Cancer Support will ensure the pleasant memories of yesterday can become the beautiful reality for tomorrow. Breast cancer may change your life but with our support you will never let it define or dictate it! Great Ormond Street Hospital

Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal

Breast Cancer Hospital Africa Appeal



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