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During the month of Ramadan Breast Cancer Support in collaboration with Temar Diagnostics and Pharmacies Pakistan conducted a free dietary supplement distribution project. We distributed supplements like multi-vitamins, whey protein, fish oil capsules etc, sufficient for 3 months. The supplements were giving to various breast cancer patients undergoing treatments in Temar Diagnostics and other medical facilities in rural Punjab.


Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in women across the globe today. Over the years many radical treatments have improved the survival rate of breast cancer patients. However, these treatments often yield complications like anxiety, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, nausea, lymphedema, and dermatitis. These complicated side effects can lower the patients’ quality of life and impair their vitality.

Breast Cancer Support believes that dietary supplements namely vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, and herbs can complement the conventional cancer treatment . They lessen the side effects of this exhaustive treatment, help improve the quality of patient’s life, and reduce overall stress.

Dietary supplements are taken for various reasons and with varying expectations. They improve the overall nutrition and strength and reduce one’s risk of catching various diseases.

Breast Cancer Support believes that there is a gap in understanding the complicated relationship of the immune system and cancer.  The immune system of a healthy individual function by recognizing and abolishing cells identified as abnormal. Therefore boosting the immunity system is of immense importance to fighting cancer cells.

In addition, cancer patients undergoing treatment like chemotherapy are more prone to infections and diseases in their surroundings. This is due to the body weakening day by day.  Breast Cancer Support strongly believes that taking dietary supplements greatly helps cancer patients regain their strength. They also allow the body to repair damaged cells and hence boost immunity. This can bring about a better sense of recovery among the patients and raise hope for a healthier future.



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