Breast Cancer Support has made endless endeavours to help individuals in the fight of Breast Cancer. Amongst such efforts is a collaboration with a local organisation in Rawalpindi Pakistan, where no one day is fixed to provide free medical scan to individuals. Temar Diagnostics and Pharmacies is conducting free memo scan for any walk-in individual wishing to work towards early detection of Breast Cancer.

This effort ensures that no one day is allocated for free scans but is available to anyone at anytime of their ease. This effort of Breast Cancer Support is to facilitate the local population and make the culture of early detection of breast cancer common.

Breast Cancer Support strongly believes in promoting early detection culture which is a very important weapon in fighting breast cancer. Early detection can save many lives from the unwanted trauma that strikes when cancer is not detected at the early stage and not only becomes difficult to treat the malignancy but also causes the patient unwarranted pain and health issues.

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