Breast Cancer Support in collaboration with Tanzania Breast Cancer support is paying for treatment and counselling of breast cancer patients in Tanzania. The effort is to encourage hope and proactive health.

The project included visits from cancer survivors to random homes in order to give counselling. On hands information was imparted to the shy and reluctant women of the society. The aim of this effort was to promote a culture of openness in women. This will help to invoke a sense of self awareness amongst them,

In the picture below a cancer survivor Lucy is making a home visit to counsel a breast cancer patient. Her husband divorced her after the diagnosis of her breast cancer. Breast Cancer Support has taken an initiative to bring forth a culture of awareness and treatment in a society where such dilemmas exist. Lucy is currently undergoing twelve cycle chemo funded by Breast Cancer Support.

Tanzania Breast Cancer support for cancer survivors is working day and night. It is channelling our funds to help improve the life of those diagnosed with Breast cancer.

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