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Digital Mobile Mammography Appeal

In addition to providing general Mammography services, responding to the ever-changing advances in technological and scientific cancer research, Breast Cancer Support is in need of urgent funds for our digital Mammography mobile Unit. The appeal aims to raise £1,000,000 needed to fund a mobile mammography Unit with state-of-the-art digital equipment. It will take full-field digital mammography screening directly to women and men who need it.

Women in most parts of the world don’t have any equipment or facilities to detect early signs of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Support needs your help to be able to save lives in poverty stricken countries. One in eight women will be affected by breast cancer at some point in their life, women who are wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, loved ones. Breast Cancer Support strongly believe that all women should be able to have the very best screening available. Patients don’t need to travel far to get a mammogram. That convenience often equals increased compliance, which can lead to early detection and better outcomes.

Digital mammography provides many benefits over traditional mammography, including shorter exam times, increased comfort, lower radiation, and fewer repeat mammograms. You can transfer images digitally, so you won’t have to handle cassettes or process film on board. You can review acquisition image quickly—and before letting your patients go home. Since exam time is reduced by 40% (when compared to film screen mammography), you’ll have the potential to experience higher workflow capacity.

Mobile mammography allows Breast Cancer Support to bring our screening services to women 35 and older who are not experiencing any breast symptoms or problems but may have underlying issues they were unaware of. This new technological provision can help screen breasts via Mobile Mammography. Please donate to our Digital Mobile Mammography Appeal and save thousands of lives.


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