At Breast Cancer Support we understand that women who suffer from breast cancer may find it difficult to talk and open up to their family and friends who may not be able to understand what they are going through. Breast cancer patients often at times feel alone and emotionally unable to express their feelings. We at breast cancer support intend to make sure these women never feel this way. Our expert breast cancer nurses are there to support, listen and be there for women and their families during their most vulnerable moments. Our breast cancer nurses are on hand to support patients emotionally and provide practical advice and information when it is needed the most.
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Sponsor A Breast Cancer Nurse
Your donation to help sponsor a breast cancer nurse will ensure that these women and their families receive support from the early stages of their diagnosis all the way through to their recovery. Our duty of care is to help these women come to terms with knowing that they have breast cancer and reassuring them that with treatment they can survive and fight for a healthy future without breast cancer affecting their lives. Sponsor a breast cancer nurse

Our breast cancer nurses will be on hand to advise patients at various stages of their breast cancer diagnosis, and be there for these brave women and their families throughout their often lengthy and gruelling treatment. Our breast cancer nurses will be there to provide vital information on the next steps in helping women make decisions about their breast reconstruction. Breast cancer nurses support women from the screening and diagnosis stage helping them to make informed decisions. They give practical and emotional support and help some women come to terms with a mastectomy.

We at breast cancer support understand how important it is to be able to provide professional support for all breast cancer patients. No woman should suffer in silence and we aim to boost their confidence and get them back to feeling even better and stronger than ever before!” Sponsor a breast cancer nurse

A small simple donation can put smiles on the faces of those women who are battling with breast cancer right now. Yesterday they were leading normal lives, hard-working Mothers providing for their children, the lady you passed in the supermarket during your weekly shop, the lady that served you at the post office or perhaps the lady you spoke to at the bank yesterday morning who greeted you with a smile. Sponsor a breast cancer nurse

Today, it was that life-defining trip to the Doctors which has changed their lives forever. With your help, Breast Cancer Support will ensure the pleasant memories of yesterday can become the beautiful reality for tomorrow. Breast cancer may change your life but with our support you will never let it define or dictate it!

Sponsor a breast cancer nurse

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